Hi, Losers,

we welcome you to a brand new world of information. We are the team of losers having believed in the quote, ‘Every loser has a winner inside’.  

Frankly speaking, we have failed in almost every aspect of life. We are a team of engineering graduate losers. But yes we believe that “every morning comes with new opportunities and new hopes.” So, yes we are on the journey of proving ourselves. Join the journey and enjoy the story. 


Losershub presents you with satisfactory information. We believe in the simplicity of the information. Rather than focusing on unnecessary things, we focus on the topic. We promise you to provide the information in the most simple and very lucid way. 

We promise you that we will never compromise with the quality and the reliability of the information. No matters if it is a piece of information related to technology, fashion, health, travel, and so on.

Apart from the information, we are gonna share some short stories that will boost you with motivation and inspiration. So, put on shoes, it’s time to rise and shine

So be with us and enjoy the journey.