How To Become Successful Entrepreneur

Well, what comes to your mind when you hear the word Entrepreneur? Tata or Ambani? If we are not wrong these might be the two names that come to mind when you hear this word. These days entrepreneurship has become a hot career option. So in this blog on “How To Become Successful Entrepreneur”, we’re gonna show you the right path.

Well, you might have heard the success stories of people who were college dropouts and how they built their million-dollar company. But the success stories are always half-truths like the Bollywood biopics 😂. Lolz. 

But we all know entrepreneurship is not the same as we see in movies and heard in stories. It involves many sleepless nights and a lot of hard work. But here at Losershub we believe that there’s nothing like impossible.

So my losers buddies, it’s time to start the new journey of losers to winners. So sit back, hold your coffee, and let’s enjoy the journey. 

Why Entrepreneurship?

Well, we don’t think we should answer this question. As you might be aware of why to go for Entrepreneurship. But in case you are unaware of this, we are here to help you out.

Well, Entrepreneurship is a career option that gives you the freedom to utilize your creativity and thoughts. It gives freedom and opportunity to manage the whole team. Also, it tests your patience, courage, and ability to think out of the box. 

Entrepreneurship gives you the power of seeing the world from a different angle. You are supposed to find a unique solution to the problem that can make money for you. After all the final goal is to earn money. 

Within this career, you have a chance to explore yourself. It gives you the freedom to go beyond the thinking of other people. One simple idea 💡 can change the world. So grab your coffee mug and think about that idea that no one has thought of.

It gives you wings to find the answers to a real-world problem. Apart from this, it lets you earn from what you are passionate about. So go on exploring yourself. Go beyond your limits and show the world what you are.

How to become a successful entrepreneur

Well, success is something that is not achieved overnight. It takes several sacrifices. You might need to struggle a lot, but these short term struggles are going to give you long term success. But all these sacrifices are worth it in the end. So without wasting any further time let’s see how to become a successful businessman. Below are some of the points that will help you in the journey of entrepreneurship.

1. Find if you want to be an entrepreneur?

Well, it’s the first and most important step before starting the journey of Entrepreneurship. Just find out if you really want to be an entrepreneur or it’s just your temporary wish. There are possibilities of getting charged up by hearing some quotes or speech. In that case, it’s just a wish, not a strong determination. So take some time and get to know if you want to enter this field. 

2. Be yourself

Be yourself, it’s your journey and you have got your own. Sometimes it happens that people see some successful people have achieved success and they start following them blindly. It’s their journey and their interest. It’s always suggested to learn from the successful and sometimes the unsuccessful people too. But following them blindly is not done. Find your own path. Blend your passion and vision to create a path for you. 

3. Stand out of the crowd

Try to be different from the crowd. Show your uniqueness, something new that nobody else has thought yet of. Everybody is unique. Show your unique idea to the world. There might be something far different than anybody else. 

4. Satisfy the need of people

Work on something that satisfies people’s needs. Before were the days when people were demanding the same day delivery of the products from the online shopping apps. And this demand was fulfilled by Amazon later. So think of something that satisfies people’s needs. 

5. Positive vibes

It’s very important to surround yourself with positive people. Sometimes being with positive people keeps you motivated. There will be people who will spread negatively like it’s tough, it’s risky, and so on. All you need is to say bye to those negative people. 

6. Tomorrow never comes

As you are on a journey where you will face challenges every day, there’s no place for procrastination. Sometimes later never comes. Also, you can’t afford procrastination when you are on the journey of changing the way of thinking of millions. 

7. Be the team player

Learn to manage the team. Being an entrepreneur requires to be a team player. You need to know the uniqueness of each of the members of your team and how to utilize them. A good leader is made not born. So create a team of people who are motivated, passionate, and creative. The team plays a big role in any business, so it’s suggested to select the team very carefully. 

For example, if in a cricket match a batsman scores a hundred. And the bowlers of the team were unable to knock out the opponent. Will the team win? Obviously Not, and the same rule is applied to the journey of Entrepreneurship. The whole team needs to play well.

8. Be ready to take risk

Get ready to take the risk. The journey is not going to be simple. Sometimes you will have to make some decisions that might have lots of risk in it. But these small risks can turn into big achievements. There might be a situation where either you can make it or you will break it. 

That one decision can change your world in just a few seconds. Who doesn’t wants a settled life but life is not about getting settled, it’s about living your passion and dreams.

9. Stay motivated

Well, this is the most important point. There will be many ups and downs in this whole journey of being an entrepreneur. There will be a time when nothing will be going according to the plan. But at that moment also you need to keep going to follow your dreams. Whenever you feel demotivated just ask yourself why you started this. 

10. Hard work is the key

Well, we are not the only ones who will suggest working hard. We all know that there is no alternative to hard work. Success is a process that asks for hard work, dedication, perseverance, and learning. Keep working hard as these sleepless nights are going to bring brighter sunshine later.

11. Set realistic goals

Well, we keep hearing about setting up a goal and keep the focus on it. Yes, it’s right to set a goal but that goal should be realistic. What we mean is no one can become Bill Gates in just 2-3 months. And if someone is setting a goal like that, then definitely he is going to fail. So, the very first goal is to set a realistic goal. 

Start with small steps. Divide your goals into many smaller goals. Get weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. Focus on one goal at a single time.

12. A perfect planning

Have a perfect plan. Well, there’s nothing like a perfect, but at least you have a clear strategy to achieve your goals. A journey without a plan is like searching for water in the deserts. Having a plan will give you an idea about where to start and what to do next. Take some time, make a perfect plan, and once it is done just stick to it.

13. Failures

You are on a journey where you will have to face failures. But you don’t need to get afraid of these failures. All these failures will bring a more experienced and an updated version of you. Also, keep learning from the failures. As we discussed above if you have a perfect plan then you might have planned what to do next if you got the failure. Failure is a part of life but it’s not the ultimate truth. There is a famous dialogue from a movie that is “try, try and try until and unless you succeed“. 

14. Love what you do

Well, this is the most important point till now. You are on a journey that might take a longer time than you expected. There might come days where it will feel like nothing is going right. There must be patience and never giving up attitude. If you love what you do, then all these failures and disappointments will not matter to you. What else will matter is to keep doing the work that you love.

15. Gain experience

One reason why people generally fail is the experience. The more you will learn the more you will grow. No matter in whatever field you want to go in there must be proper experience in that. First, gain some knowledge about the field in which you are going in. Work in that particular field, gain more and more experience. 

16. Attitude

Attitude plays a big role in your personality. This is the most important difference between a loser and a winner. Sometimes our attitude can do a lot of things for us. One can see the failure as a learning curve while others will keep bothering about it. It’s all about attitude, how we see things matters a lot. So it is suggested to develop a positive attitude.

17. Funds  

Well, this is one of the most important parts of starting a career as an entrepreneur. But trust me it’s not the only important part. You can ask your relatives or can have a bank loan depending upon the amount you need. Also, you can ask for crowdfunding to manage your funds. But don’t keep bothering about the funds as there are lots of entrepreneurs who have started their business at a very low investment. So if they can then why can’t you?

18. Focus

Whatever you do, be confident in that. You are on a journey where a lot of people will suggest you get a job, get a simpler life. But wait, are you born to live a simple life? These people do not only suggest you but also spread the negativity in you. 

They are the people who have not even explored the world outside of their comfort zone. People will come to you and suggest you get a government job and get settled. And that’s the time you doubt your decision and lose focus. 

Once you have made your mind for entrepreneurship just stay focused no matter what happens. Just focus on your goals and your dreams. And whenever you feel like giving up just think about why you have started this journey.

19. Don’t underestimate yourself

Sometimes we underestimate ourselves so much that we don’t even give a try to achieve a particular goal. And it’s because we underestimate ourselves. And this the only reason why we don’t even work on our creative ideas. There is a fear of failure. 

But it’s time to stand by yourself. Believe in yourself. You are not just the drop, you are the whole ocean. So stop underestimating yourself, and believe yourself. 

20. “Asaan hai” – Quote by Sandeep Maheshwari

Last but not the least, in the list, is the simple and magical word. Well, you might have heard this quote if you follow Mr. Sandeep Maheshwari. This simple quote does a lot for us. Well, Sandeep Maheshwari is a famous motivational speaker as well as an entrepreneur. One should watch all his sessions which are available on YouTube for free. 

In his sessions, he uses the word “asaan hai“, which simply means it’s easy. Whenever you feel that something is getting very tough for you or you can’t do it, just say these magical words to yourself. Keep saying this quote to yourself and the day when it will come from inside, you will be unstoppable.

Famous And Successful Women Entrepreneur In India

At Losershub we believe in women empowerment and that’s the reason why we are discussing their achievements first. So, it’s time to discuss some of the famous women entrepreneurs in India. All the names we are listing down below are a slap on the faces of people with a patriarchal mindset. Their stories are suggested to read. These women are an inspiration to the whole world and especially to the girls who dreams big. So below is the list of famous women entrepreneurs in India. 

Aditi GuptaMenstrupedia
Ashwani AsokanaMad Street Den
Farah Nathani MenziesMumum Co.
Isha ChoudhryZoloStays
Malini AgarwalMiss Malini
Meghna AgarwalIndiQube
Chitra Gurnani DagaThrillophilia
Basudha ShrivastavExpressEarth Digital Services
Mehak SagarWed Me Good

Some Of The Male Successful Entrepreneurs In India

So, in this particular section, we will see some of the successful entrepreneurs in India. Well, there are several successful entrepreneur in India but we here are going to list some of the most popular ones. Also, we suggest going through their success stories. As these success stories will inspire you to continue your journey. So without wasting further time let’s jump to the list of the most successful entrepreneur in India. 

EntrepreneursNet Worth Business
Ratan TataMan of the heart (money can’t define his worth)Tata groups
Dhirubhai Ambani7,954,362,200,000Reliance groups
Shiv Nadar904,807,540,000HCL Infosystems
Ghanshyam Das Birla525,340,440,000Birla groups
Lakshmi Niwas Mittal656,715,150,000ArcelorMittal
Ramarao Narayana Murthy153,249,180,000Infosys
Ardeshir Godrej138,642,050,000Godrej groups
Dilip Shanghvi561,806,245,000Sun Pharmaceuticals
Mukesh Jagtiani131,334,930,000Landmark
Azim Premji437,783,100,000Wipro Industries

Successful Young Entrepreneurs In India

You might have heard this line, “tumne duniya hi kitni dekhi hai”. Well, this is an old line that our Indian elders use to say. But some youngsters have proved that age doesn’t matter at all. So below in this section, we have listed some of the young Entrepreneurs in India. 

Indrajeet SinghiQuanta
Ritesh AgarwalOyo Rooms
Ranveer AllahbadiaMonk-E
Tilak MehtaPaper-N-Parcels
Kavita ShuklaFounder of Fresh Papers
Sreelakshmi SuresheDesign
Deepanjali DalmiaHeyday care
Trishneet AroraTAC security solutions
Akshay RupareliaDoorsteps
Aayushman SinhaREPRESENT, a multi-genre talent management company


So here we are discussing some of the common questions that people ask about entrepreneurship. Get your doubts cleared here. 

  1. Let’s know who is the youngest entrepreneur?

Kylie Jenner is the youngest successful entrepreneur. She started her entrepreneur journey at just 14 and now she has a net worth of 1 billion dollars.  

  1. What are the top 5 entrepreneurs?

So, here is the list of the top 5 successful entrepreneur in the world:

  1. Bill Gates 
  2. Mark Zuckerberg
  3. Elon Musk 
  4. Ratan Tata
  5. Satya Nadella
  6. At what age should I start a business?

Well, there is nothing like a suitable age. Some people started in the early teenage while some started the journey in the late thirties. But just for reference, you should start your business after clearing your graduation.  

  1. Which business is best after lockdown?

Well, there are some businesses that can even be done while the lockdown. So here we sharing some of the business ideas that one can start after or even in the lockdown period and become a successful entrepreneur.

  1. Digital marketing 
  2. Talent management 
  3. Farming 
  4. Ecommerce business 


So, that was our small piece of knowledge on how to become a successful entrepreneur. In this blog, we shared some of the points that might help you in starting your new journey to entrepreneurs. Also, in this blog, we shared some of the successful business woman in India. We also shared the top successful entrepreneur in India. So now if you were searching for how to become a good businessman, your search is over.



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