Problems with Indian Education System

Raja ka beta Raja Banega“, well, it may sound a little weird, but yes this is the current scenario of the Indian education system. Well, India is the second most populated country in the world. There is a huge talent among students of India. We proudly say that India is a developing country and it’s developing very fast. But still, there is something that is holding us from being the best. There is something that is stopping us from ruling the world. And that is the education system of India. So here we are with the blog on problems with Indian education system. 

Well before starting a blog we are giving a short disclaimer. You need to be very open-minded for reading this blog. The blog contains certain topics that might offend you. But try to go through the whole blog before coming to any conclusion. So without wasting any further time let’s jump to the blog. 

Indian Education System 

Well, there is no doubt the literacy rate of India is increasing day by day and year by year. In the past decade, the literacy rate of India has increased from 61.0 1% to around 77.7 percent. Well, wait, that’s just the numbers according to the government sources. But does the number really worth?

The Indian school system in India is divided into four levels

  • Lower primary
  • Upper primary
  • High school 
  • Higher secondary

A lower primary school is for the students of age 6 to 10. The upper primary schools are for the students of age 11 and 12. High schools are for students of age 13 to 15. And the higher secondary schools in India are for the age of students of 17 and 18. Well, the ages can go up and lower sometimes. 

History Of Indian Education System 

Well, this section of the history of the Indian education system. We mainly going to see the system which we used in an earlier time or you can say in the ancient time. In ancient times there was a school that was known as the Gurukul. The students need to join the teacher that was known as the Gurus. These students need to request gurus to be their students. And if the Guru selected them as their students then only they were given the education. Doesn’t it sound creepy? 

This means no matter how good you are unless the teacher is not gonna accept, you will not be able to learn anything from the teacher. Well, we will discuss this issue later in this blog. The students at Gurukul schools were taught about life lessons, mathematics, and holy scripts. Kind of boarding school type of education. Lolz. 

You need to stay at the Gurukul with the teacher. Basically, they were taught about life lessons and nature. The best part of the Gurukul was you were not given to memorize things. Students needed to apply lost things in their real life. And that is exactly what we lack in today’s education system of India.

The Indian Education System Today 

Now we are about to know the Indian education system in today’s time. Today in India there are lots of colleges and universities with big buildings and huge campuses. There is a general perception that a student will complete their primary schooling at the age of 16.

After that, he will complete his higher secondary at the age of 18 and after that, graduate at 21 or 22 depending upon the stream you have chosen. And as these age bars are assigned they create fear among the students. 

People have made this age bar without even knowing the potential of their students. Well, this is not the only problem. It is just one of those problems that people think is not a problem. So in the next section, we are going to see the problems with Indian education system. We can bet that each of the problems you see in the next section will be relatable.

Why Indian Education System Is Not Good? Real Problems With Indian Education System 

So after the brief introduction about the Indian education system we are finally going to deal with the problems of Indian education system. Well these are the very common problems that might have been faced by each of the students in the country. Let us know in the comments section if you have faced these problems.

Teaching Fish To Climb The Tree

Every person is unique, every brain is unique, each one of us has unique abilities and different potential than others. The Indian education system treats us like teaching fish to climb trees. What will come as a result is a big failure. Indian education system fails to recognize the potential of a student. 

Neither the teachers nor the parents bother about the student’s interest. What all the education system of India teaches us is how to get a job. This means literally whatever we study is only the cause of getting a job. And the jobs that can only be done in India.

The passing marks system 

Well, we can’t understand this logic. You’re gonna pass a student at 30 marks but you don’t give him or her admission to a good college unless they not score more than 70 and sometimes even more than 90%. Well, we are not saying that students with low grades have not become successful. They have become successful but there is no role of the education system in building their career. They did everything on their own. 

Colleges Matters

Well, this is another drawback of the Indian education system. We remember when we were applying for jobs after engineering, what we came across was quite depressing and frustrating. While we were applying for the jobs there were written in the very first line that only the students from the Tier 1 colleges are allowed to fill the form. We agree that the company needs the best brains available in the market. 

But is this necessary that the best brains are from the tier 1 engineering College only? As we already said that every student has different potential and every student is different in their own way. Everyone has their own learning speed, their own creativity, and their own path. If the companies need to hire employees from the IIT, NITs, and other top-tier colleges then why does the government give permission to build that many engineering colleges in every corner of the city? It ruins the self confidence of a student.

There can be a possibility that the student has worked quite hard in their engineering journey and tried to make himself equal to the student who comes from the Tier 1 or Tier 2 colleges. But what is the benefit of working that hard if the company is not even gonna interview that student? At least there should be equal opportunities, at least they should be given a chance to sit in the interview. How can you judge a student just by the name of his college?

Examinations In India

You might have heard throughout your life to study properly and get good marks. But, does this mark really matter? Means you might have seen people around you chanting the lines of the Notebook. People are in a race to get good marks in the boards or in any exams. They are not really doing the things practically.

All why they are studying is for passing the exams with good marks. Why the marks really matter, just to show others. You might have seen your parent’s friends boasting about their children’s marks. So busy in this marks game that they are not actually enjoying the real education. 

They are very much indulge in just memorizing things without getting real insight. There are people who have scored lower marks but have a successful life today. You are at your own speed. It’s ok to take extra time, it’s OK to get low marks, it’s OK to fail sometimes.

All these things are just part of learning. Don’t bother about the marks and just enjoy the process of learning. Life is more than notebooks and textbooks. Life is not all about his marks. Life is all about experiences and positivity. 

Why don’t they understand that English is just a language?

Well, in India speaking English is more important than your knowledge. In India people are very much like you should respect your mother tongue. But when it comes to the job what they want is just the English-speaking guy. If English is so important why the government does not make it an official national language?😂 Instead of preparing a student to get a good mark, if the schools are the colleges bother about the overall enrichment of the student then the things might be in control. 

We remember when we were giving interviews for the jobs, we realized that your education is a secondary thing. The most important and primary thing is to communicate in English. Well, we are not blaming the companies for this, we are blaming the colleges and the schools of the country. Why don’t they come with the program that makes the overall growth of the student? A program the enhances their overall personality.

Raja Ka Beta Raja Banega(King’s son will become king)

Well, the line is from an awesome Bollywood movie “Super 30”. The movie is one of the best Bollywood motivational movies. We also started with this line and it is very true as we see the Indian education system today. And this is not a modern-day problem, this issue is being existed in the country the ancient time.

Well, you might have read or heard the story of the “Mahabharta”. How “Eklavya” was asked for his thumb in order to make “Arjun” the best. And it is very sad that people don’t bother about the Eklavya’s sacrifice. 

The situation has not changed very much even these days. Just the way has changed only. Not every people get into the IITs or the other reputed colleges. But getting into a reputed private college becomes a little easier if you belong to a rich family.

And the donation is a very common name in India. The more money you have the more best college you will get. And finally the line “Raja Ka Beta Raja Banega” simplifies the issue. 

Equal Opportunities

Although the government of India keeps saying that they believe in equal opportunities. But according to them what equal opportunities mean is just building government schools and that too without the teachers. The differences start at the time you are born. Well, can you compare the life of the son of a rickshaw puller and the son of the businessman? Both of them have their own problems. But are there equal opportunities for both of them? 

We are not saying the underprivileged students do not get success but if they get success then it’s all cause of their struggle and hard work. Can’t the system make a program where everyone gets an equal opportunity? Yes, there are some scholarship programs too raised by the government but is that enough? Ask yourself do they really worth it? 

Reservation In Indian Education

Well, reservation is a hot topic in India. We will try our best not to get polarised on any side. Everything that exists in the world has some downside and the upside and the same is with the reservation. Reservation in India is given to the backward caste who were being discriminated against for years.

But according to the new India reservation is the major problem for the country. People say that due to the reservation the deserving candidates are not able to get their desired colleges or jobs. And somewhere they are right too. So let’s see if the reservation is really a problem.

Well, 28 % of the population belongs to the upper caste, and the rest of the population is from the backward caste. 49.5% of seats are reserved for the SC(15), ST(7.5), and the OBC(27) in government jobs and colleges. So the numbers clearly state that 50.5% of the seats are for the generals and 49.5% seats are for the SC, ST, and OBC.

That also states that 50.5% of the seats are acquired by 28% of the population while 49.5 % of the seats are acquired for the SC, ST, and OBC who are the larger part of the population. We don’t think we really need to say anything else further. The politicians are the ones who keep saying shits and that is the reason why people get influenced and things get out of control.        

Politics In Indian Education System

One of the biggest drawbacks of the Indian Education System is the politics of India. We all know politics is the reason why India is still not grown what it should be. lots of people say that reservation is the reason why some people can’t get admission in some colleges. But if you think positively without getting influence by any political party then you will know that the real reason is politics. 

The government keeps supporting but sometimes not supporting the reservation as per their own need. When there is an election they say reservation should be given to the people coming from the minorities and the backward castes.

The real reason why there is the scarcity of seats in the colleges is this scarcity of colleges and universities. People should ask the government to build more colleges and universities so that more and more people can study in these colleges and universities. 

As there are not enough colleges and universities the government simply starts blaming the reservation. And they create a wall between these castes. And finally, people go so crazy that they start fighting with each other in the name of caste and religion.

How To Improve Indian Education System? 

Well, we saw the negative sides of the Indian education system. Now let’s see some of the ways on how to improve the Indian education system. Also, we are going to share some of the ideas that will definitely help in improving the education system of India.

Creating Equal Opportunities

The very first and primary thing that the government should do is to create equal opportunities for each one of the people of the country. The equal opportunities where the son of a rickshaw puller and any businessman’s son could at least get the education of the same level. Will be doing this there will be more professionals that will eventually help in reaching India to the top place. 

Education Should Be Free

At least higher education should be free for everyone. There are lots of countries that provide free education even to foreigners. So at least we can provide free education to our peoples only. We know it might sound crazy but it is far better to spend people’s taxes on providing free education to the peoples of the country than spending the money on the government’s rallies. Making useless statues and redefining the old buildings will give nothing but free education will definitely bring out the best potential available in the country. 

The Overall Growth Of A Student

The colleges and universities should bring a curriculum in which the student’s overall growth should matter. There should not be just bookish knowledge to the students. They should be taught extra skills and knowledge that are really needed in the real world. Just getting a job should not be the reason to study. 

Top 10 Education Systems In The World 

Here are the countries with the best education system in the world. Also, we have presented the literacy rate of the listed countries below. 

Country Literacy rate in percentage
United States of America100
United Kingdom99

Top 10 Countries With Worst Education System 

As we saw the best countries with their education system now it’s time to see the top 10 worst countries as far as the education system is concerned.

CountryLiteracy rate in percentage
The central African Republic37.4

Indian Education System Ranking 

Well, you saw the countries with the best education system and the countries with the worst education system. You might be quite curious to know about the ranking of India India education system. Although India’s ranking has improved since the independence still it needs to improve more. India rank at 34 in the list of the education system. Well, there’s no doubt that the literacy rate has also improved. But as compared to mains women have a lesser literacy rate. As of now the literacy rate of India is 82% for Mel while it is 62% for females.

The Final Note

So it’s time to wrap up. This was our small knowledge on the problems with Indian education system that we wanted to share with you people. We suggested ways how to improve the Indian education system and also saw the drawbacks of the Indian education system. We discuss this table that shows countries with the best and worst education system. 

Also, we saw the history and the current scenario of the Indian education system and how was the evolution of the Indian education system. Also, we saw the difference between the Indian education system and the other foreign education system. We hope that this piece of knowledge might be helpful to you.



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